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  • A lens system which forms image of a point source object is called as point spread function (or) PSF. Point spread function is also called as Fraunhofer diffraction pattern, impulse response and Green’s […]

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  • Astigmatism optical aberration:
    Astigmatism aberration occurs, “If focal points in the horizontal plane and vertical plane of an image does not coincide”. (i.e Horizontal plane has different focus and ver […]

  • Refractive index of any medium varies with wavelength other than vacuum and the refracting properties of optical system are function of wavelength. Hence, chromatic aberration exist. [1]

    Definition of […]

  • Field curvature aberration:
    Field curvature aberration occurs when the focal plane is not planar, but on curved image surface. The other name for field curvature aberration is petzval field curvature aberration. […]

  • Coma aberration:
    Definition of coma aberration:
    Spherical aberration that occurs in off axis of an optical system is called as coma aberration.

    Optical system with coma aberration:
    When all the refracted […]

  • Spherical aberration which affects optical systems performance:
    Spherical aberration occurs, “If all the reflected (or) refracted rays doesn’t pass through center of focus”. In other words it can be said as failu […]