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Spherical aberration

spherical aberration
Spherical aberration: Spherical aberration occurs, "If all the reflected (or) refracted rays that doesn’t pass through center of focus". In other words it can be said as failure of reflected (or) refracted rays that are not passing through center of focus. Spherical aberration is the first term in Seidel aberrations and it is a form of wavefront aberration. Optical system with spherical...

Astigmatism aberration

optical system with astigmatism aberration
Optical aberration Astigmatism: Astigmatism aberration occurs, "If focal points in the horizontal plane and vertical plane of an image dose not coincide". (i.e Horizontal plane has different focus and vertical plane has different focus). System with astigmatism aberration: 1.Tangential plane 2.Sagittal plane Both the tangential plane and sagittal plane are perpendicular to each other. Tangential focus: Horizontal focal line is called as tangential focus and it...

Chromatic aberration    

color aberration
Chromatic aberration: Refractive index of any medium varies with wavelength other than vacuum and the refracting properties of optical system are function of wavelength. Hence, chromatic aberration exist.   Definition of chromatic aberration: Chromatic aberration is, "Failure of optic system to bring all colors to a common focus". The other name for chromatic aberration is color aberration. If there is no chromatic...

Coma optical aberration

coma aberration
Coma aberration: Definition of coma aberration: Spherical aberration that occurs in off-axis of an optical system is called as coma aberration. Optical system with coma aberration: When all the refracted rays doesn’t  passes through the center of focus in non optical axis results in coma aberration and the below diagram describes how a coma will look like   Coma aberration free optical system: This is how...

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