chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration

Refractive index of any medium varies with wavelength other than vacuum and the refracting properties of optical system are function of wavelength. Hence, chromatic...
point spread function

Point spread function

A lens system which forms image of a point source object is called as point spread function (or) PSF. Point spread function is also...
adding code to style.css for wordpress child theme creation

Recommended way to create wordpress child theme without plugin

Create WordPress child theme in recommended easy way without plugin: If you are running a website (or) blog powered by WordPress then it necessary to...
field curvature aberration

Field curvature aberration

Field curvature aberration: Field curvature aberration occurs when the focal plane is not planar, but on curved image surface. The other name for field curvature...
astigmatism aberration

Astigmatism aberration

Astigmatism optical aberration: Astigmatism aberration occurs, “If focal points in the horizontal plane and vertical plane of an image does not coincide”. (i.e Horizontal plane...
coma aberration

Coma optical aberration

Coma aberration: Definition of coma aberration: Spherical aberration that occurs in off axis of an optical system is called as coma aberration. Optical system with coma aberration: When...



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